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  • 21/05/2015 - 02:57 pm
    Posted Image StourieNuts: yeah that's a great way of doing it :)! I'm only on part 2 of your playthrough and loving it, Such a great game that i hope lasts as long as they say it does (if you do everything) 200 hours :D!
  • 21/05/2015 - 02:25 am
    Posted Image damo2986: For instance for the past 45 mins I've just wandered around White Orchard and learnt about the Blacksmiths features such as breaking down items. All good fun.
  • 21/05/2015 - 02:23 am
    Posted Image damo2986: Pick a few herbs, do a little trading here and there. Just small things to get my fix and that way I don't have to 'bumble' about too much when I'm recording.
  • 21/05/2015 - 02:22 am
    Posted Image damo2986: I've decided that during my non recording sessions I will just potter around the vilages or local surroundings I'm in just to get accustomed to the place. So I'm playing the game enjoying the scenery but not doing anything important
  • 20/05/2015 - 07:44 pm
    Posted Image Madwolf: Well I'm certainly very intrigued by what the next livestream will be after Life is Strange. :D
  • 20/05/2015 - 02:27 pm
    Posted Image StourieNuts: i was going to stream it or post my playthrough on YT but i just want to get lost in the witcher 3 world without having to stop for anything so i can understand where you are coming from, Im just going to do little short videos for W3 :)
  • 20/05/2015 - 02:26 pm
    Posted Image StourieNuts: Oh it was hard to go anywhere (youtube / twitch / twitter) without seeing Witcher 3 and it was eating me up inside knowing i was missing out on a game that i have waiting ages for so im over the moon to be playing it!
  • 19/05/2015 - 11:42 pm
    Posted Image damo2986: glad to hear you got your issues sorted Stourie, it must have been torture having the game and not been able to play it properly. It's torture for me LPing it really, I can't just sink 5+ hours into it at a time like I did with DA:I,
  • 19/05/2015 - 11:36 pm
    Posted Image StourieNuts: well turning AA off fixed my issue i was having with the slow downs so i now can fully enjoy the game,, i just set it to high and was done with tinkering about, i just wanted to play :P.
  • 19/05/2015 - 11:21 pm
    Posted Image damo2986: That new Hairworks setting is a major problem for older machines plus the in game anti aliasing is not very optimized and you are best of using your graphics cards control panel to turn on AA manually.

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